Preliminary task page

This year we are try new things and see how it works out.

On top of design and coding small tools and minor features, we're going to have two more tracks: Google Assistant and IA.

The Google Assistant one is perfect because anyone can create a reasonably useful action in 2-3 hours, without any coding, so it would fall into product design rather than coding. But then, it's easy to use a well thought design to extend it with coding, cloud functions and so on. We happen to have some Google Cloud credits lying around in case we do something so popular it needs more than the free tier, so everything works out.

The second thing is IA. In theory this is way beyond the scope and knowledge you would expect from high schoolers, but things have changed a lot and with Keras (a high level API that sits on top of Tensorflow) and the excellent resources are there it's possible to build small things, even if the math behind it is not completely understood, in two days or so.


(If you are a mentor and you feel strongly about something follow your gut, if you are in doubt if something is OK or not then probably it's not but feel free to ask admins)

Tasks from both 2016 or 2017 that no one touched: Let's leave them out, we want good tasks only.
Tasks from 2017 that were worked on but no one finished or we couldn't use: Add as backup tasks.
Tasks that require access to non-public systems, if any: Leave for the very last days, when it's already clear who are going to become permanent team members.

1) Install Koala to add project ideas.

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