CCExtractor bug hunt

The first 1-2 weeks are to be spent fixing bugs and closing issues in GitHub. This applies to all CCExtractor students that are going to be working on the core tool (that's almost everyone). This serves some purposes:

* It's the best way to see first-hand what the problems are :-)
* It will let you get used to the code.
* It will give us a reliable version that is fun to work with

The following table should be populated before the start of the coding period. You can either select your own bugs (just edit the table and add yourself) or they can be assigned to you :-)

The veteran students (Anshul, Ruslan, Willem) are expected to do the hard ones unless someone else do them first.

When you start working a bug please write it here. Don't wait until it's fixed to avoid the situation in which two people happen to work on the same thing unintentionally. Working on a bug and not being able to actually fix it is OK. Ask for help or discuss it in the mailing list so others can help you figure it out.

136 Garbling in Tivo samples Ruslan Open
157 3 new samples that don't work Oleg Resolved
151 DVB subtitles from TNT (France) Oleg Support Required
158 CEA-708 is not supported at all for MP4 Oleg Resolved
172 alternate subtitles missing Oleg Support Required
284 Issues with ISDB (Brazil) support Abhinav Open
286 Missing subtitles in a Korean broadcast Abhinav Open
279 Can't extract DVB subtitles from a Spanish channel Abhinav Open
131 Seeking DVD using the IFO file Abhinav Open
139 Case fixing in teletext Abhinav Fixed
353 High Memory Consumption Abhinav Fixed
359 Teletext page number in -UCLA Abhinav Fixed
354 Excessive XDS Notices Shruti Fixed
285 No Preview in 0.78 and 0.79 Abhishek Resolved
304 Premature end of file. Abhishek Open
356 Premature end of file (2) Abhishek Open
315 File Flushing issue Abhishek Resolved
345 Ability to Rotate Files Abhishek Open
713 One out of two Korean DTV TS not showing output Siddharth Open
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