CCExtractor tasks

This page is a compilation of the most important tasks from everyone's proposals. Those of you that are going to be working on the same things please talk among yourselves.

Add tasks and edit as needed.

We know that there were some proposals that included the exact same tasks. We preferred to pick the best students and not just the best proposals for each task. If you find yourself in a situation in which someone else is doing what you were planning to do, just replace that task with even a more interesting one :-) Don't get frustrated by this overlap. We are aware of it.

TaskWhoDependsPlanned datesStatusMentor notes
Preprocessing burned in white subtitles Abhinav by Week 4 Done
Generating basic timed output files Abhinav by Week 5 Done
Adding support for colored and styled hard subtitles Abhinav by Week 7 In Progress
New user options and cascaded classifier Abhinav Working system for all types of subtitles by Week 10 In Progress
Test suite integration of Hardsubx Abhinav Completion of above tasks by Week 12 Not started
TaskWhoDependsPlanned datesStatusMentor notes
Real time translation with Apertium Nurendra Finished
Real time translation with Google Translate Nurendra Finished
Statistics of Stock Prices and their dependence on Twitter-mentions, TV-mentions Nurendra Real time uploading (Ruslan) Finished
Extension of test suite Willem Finished (for now)
Sample submission and testing platform Willem In progress
GitHub bot Willem Finished (for now)
Complete support for EIA-708 Anshul Not started
Implement Multi-Program Anshul Complete
Multi-language Forced Alignment Sai Not started
Real time translation with Google Translate Oleg In Progress
Implement Multi-Program Oleg Not started
Complete support for EIA-708 Oleg Not started Oleg: Please focus on Japanese support (and other non-Latin languages since Anshul will be finishing the decoder itself
Linux GUI Oleg Not started Oleg: Anshul has already something started, please coordinate with him
OSX GUI Oleg Not started
Networking - server side Ruslan Not started
Networking - client side Ruslan Not started
Complete refactoring Ruslan Not started
Commercial detection Vasanth Finished
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