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 +This seems interesting. Here's the original request email:
 +Does CCExtractor have support for extracting captions contained in the VAUX area on DV streams, and I just can't figure out how to use it?
 +If not, are there any plans to integrate this into CCExtractor?​ It seems to me that the only software available to do this is MacCaption, which costs many hundreds of dollars.
 +Here are some links to specifications I have run across:
 +This page contains links to two DV-stream-containing files that supposedly contain captions in their streams, meant for testing one's equipment chain:
 +To extract the DV stream from those containers while retaining the VAUX stream, apparently one can use
 +according to
 +Here is a discussion where someone wants to transcribe a VHS via a DV camera while preserving closed captions. It seems they gave up and used (bought?) a DVD/VHS combo machine to dump directly to MPEG2, preserving Line 21 at the cost of quality and edit-ability:​
 +If one wants to transcribe an NTSC source with captions and already owns a good analog source (LaserDisc, SVHS) and DV-based digitizer, it would be nice to have this capability in CCExtractor'​s arsenal of features.
 +Thanks for your time and consideration.
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