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 +====== DVD Subtitles Technical Documentation ======
 +==== Overview ====
 +This project was done as a part of GSoC 2016. DVD subtitles extraction works by filtering out the subtitle frames from the video stream and obtaining the RLE encoded bitmap based subtitles, which are then provided to Tesseract for OCR recognition.
 +==== Dependencies ====
 +  * Tesseract (OCR library by Google)
 +  * Leptonica (C Image processing library)
 +The instructions for **compilation** along with the OCR can be found in the CCExtractor docs at [[https://​github.com/​CCExtractor/​ccextractor/​blob/​master/​docs/​OCR.txt|docs/​OCR.txt]]. ​
 +General usage instructions can be found in the help screen of CCExtractor.
 +==== Code Structure ====
 +The DVD subtitle decoder is contained in the ''​dvd_subtitle_decoder.c''​ file and houses all required functions. The subtitles frames are selected from rest of the video and audio frames in ''​general_loop.c''​ and the ''​process_spu()''​ function receives only the subtitle packet in the buffer.
 +The structure ''​DVD_Ctx''​ has the context for the DVD subtitles while ''​ctrl_seq''​ has data of the control packet. The function ''​process_spu()''​ checks for and creates a usable packet as some data might be spread over multiple packets. ​
 +Now we need the data in the control sequence which is handled by ''​decode_packet()''​. Data from the control sequence including start and stop time, size of the subtitle, color, alpha and address of bitmap are extracted and stored in ''​ctrl_seq''​.
 +Now we need to obtain the bitmap (via ''​get_bitmap()''​). The bitmaps however are Run-Length Encoded (RLE) and are interlaced such that alternate lines follow each other. ​ This is handled by providing first one half of the bitmap, followed by the other to ''​rle_decode''​ to account for the interlacing as well. At the end we get a clean bitmap which is then sent to the OCR invoked in ''​write_dvd_sub()''​.
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