FFmpeg + Rust: Code builder

Why is this a CCExtractor project and not an FFmpeg project?
Because the FFmpeg team doesn't need it :-) We do.

FFmpeg is, of course, everybody's go-to tool when it comes to video manipulation: Resize, apply filters, convert to a different encoding or container, etc, it does it all. They even participate in GSoC every year!

If you read their documentation, you will see that FFmpeg, the command-line tool, is mostly a “shell” that actually builds a graph that then runs in their libraries.

For developers that need to use FFmpeg to do “something” specific with video, the usual way to do it it just by executing FFmpeg with the right parameters (using spawn, exec, or whatever it's called in their language of choice), wait for it to finish, and then do something with the result.

Often that's good enough, but many times it's not: You can't easily get progress, you absolutely can't do anything in the middle of the process and so on.

Your job
Your job here is to build a “source code generator” that given a FFmpeg command line is able to write the source code of a program, preferably in Rust, that executes the graph using FFmpeg's libraries - but this is not about spawning FFmpeg! For example, given a command line like this:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vf scale=320:240 output.mp4

You can see that it's going to read the file “input.mkv”, resize it to 320×240, and write it as output.mp4, so there's a resize filter there and also a container conversion.

What we want to get is a program that does that for exactly those files and those tasks, and it needs to use FFmpeg's low level libraries so it's possible to add code into the program that does whatever the developer needs to do: For example, they might want to modify each frame to add something that is not supported by an FFmpeg filter - may be something that needs to be fetched for an external source.

Your output program needs to be compilable (of course) and do exactly the same thing as FFmpeg would do if called with the specified parameters.

Of course, you are expected to dig into how FFmpeg does it and build from there.

We prefer Rust but C would also be OK. However, if you already know C or C++ learning Rust is not too hard and it's totally worth it.

Qualification tasks
Take a look at this page.

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