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 +**Write an flutter interface for Deluge**
 +[[|Deluge]] is a popular BitTorrent client. It's popular because it's quite efficient and performs really well compared to alternatives, but its web interface is terrible and the desktop UI is not great.
 +However it does have a good plugin system and writing proper alternatives with Flutter is possible and not painful, so let's go for it.
 +The goal is to write a flutter-based interface (web and mobile).
 +Start by installing deluge and its current web UI so get a feeling of how it looks like, and come up with a good replacement UI. 
 +Read the documentation to find out which part of Deluge don't yet have a UI counterpart at all.
 +Take a look at our rutorrent flutter interface. It would be great it the deluge interface was a part of it (allow selecting the client) rather a completely separate program.
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