Google Summer of Code with CCExtractor Development!

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<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> CCExtractor Development has been accepted to Google Summer of Code each year, ever since we applied for the first time in 2014 and we have had absolutely amazing 5 years! Continuing with open source spirit, we are actively applying to Google Summer of Code 2019 to work with potential new community members! </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> If you're coming across Google summer of Code, which we'll call GSoC from now, for the first time – it is a global program where students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school. Google awards stipends (and other good stuff) to students for their work, which they do from their home. Several experience and involved community members serve as mentors for the projects. This is a mutual learning and growing program for both students and mentors. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> Read more about GSoC : </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> CCExtractor is originally an organization about subtitles and accessibility (our “official” description below). However, we're doing lots of other things that are related, including tinkering with open video hardware (JokerTV), imaging (OCR), and more. So we have projects that cover a range of interests, despite our core tool being the most amazing subtitle extractor. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> And now, the official description: Whether it's because you are learning a new language, have hearing problems or just at a loud place, subtitles are an essential part of enjoying TV and movies for a a lot of people. There's plenty of tools to manage audio/video, but when it comes to subtitles, the few tools that exist are closed source and extremely expensive. CCExtractor is the one tool that is free, portable, open source and community managed that can take a recording from a TV show and generate an external subtitle file for it. If you regularly watch content with subtitles you download from fan sites - you should know that the source file is most likely generated by CCExtractor. If you are a student in a university that uses subtitles for natural language study, you should know that most likely we are involved somehow. While we already support subtitles from North America, Europe, Australia and more, our world map is not yet complete. We are actively looking for students that want to help us fill the gaps. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”>An interesting article on closed captions (surely explains better than us why there are so useful) </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> We are a small org, which means that your contribution will have a large impact. It's not going to mean a 0.5% improvement on a big project - it's going to be more than 10% on a medium size one. If you like challenges and want a chance to shine this is your place. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> We have ~we think~ statistically amazing continuity in the team: Most GSoC students from all the past years are still involved, even if they are no longer eligible as students. They still contribute code, and they mentor both in GSoC and the sister program GCI. As mentors, they also come to the Summer of Code summit which traditionally takes place in October. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> We provide exceptional resources for students - we'll give access to a high speed servers, all our samples (we'll even ship a portable drive with them anywhere in the world, if you have slow connections), specifications et cetera. Students have flexibility of choosing projects from a wide range of topics & technologies and even propose their own. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> We have *mentors all over the world* (North America, Europe, Asia and Australia), so time zones are never a problem. All our top committers will be mentoring. Many of them are our former GSoC students or winners of GCI. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> Want to find out more? Come hang out on our slack group! </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> We have a dedicated page for covering this year's projects, check it out here. It also contains proposal guidelines and other information you need to know before applying. If you have any suggestions or you want to propose your own project - please reach out to us in the Slack group. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> You may read about our past projects in the official GSoC archive here. We also have most of the final submissions on our website, which you may find here here. </text>

<text size=“18px” align=“justify”> Apparently Russia has blocked slack. If this is your case please email us (gsoc at ccextractor dot org) and we'll work out a solution with you. We really want you to participate! </text>

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