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Season of Docs 2019

This page is in constant development. We add things as we think of them. It's not exhaustive, and we're open to ideas brought by the technical writers as well.

CCExtractor Website

- Rework our website, which is based on dokuwiki. We're happy to switch to any other software that the technical writer is comfortable with.

User documentation

- We have a help screen (which is also exported as a “man” page) that shows all the options, but it's just a list of parameters. Not a lot of examples (meaning maybe 1 or 2), no proper fonts… it could definitely use a do over.

- Our user tutorials are hopelessly outdated. There's one to process a DVD, and a basic how-to. We need to generate a number of interest use cases.

- Write scripts for youtube videos. We don't need you to actually produce the videos (but that would be fantastic, of course). The important thing is the script. We can get someone to read it.

Developer documentation

- Tutorials on how to do a number of things: Write a new decoder, write a new encoder, how to integrate CCExtractor with other tools, compiling…

- Help us write an official “onboarding” tutorial to help new developers join the team without feeling overwhelmed by our code base.

Sample Platform

- Write official documentation (a tutorial) on how to properly perform an install of the Sample Platform.

- Help with “onboarding” tutorials

- Proper documentation generation based on the python docstrings.

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