As you may know, our reference TV tuner has been for a long time the amazing HDHomeRun from Silicon Dust. They (all models) are rock-solid and they are really easy to integrate with. However, they don't support DTMB (the Chinese standard).

This small thing is JokerTV (stand-alone version).

You can see in the tech specs that everything we care about is supported, and that the list of chipsets is published, and that source code for everything, including firmware, is available.

We are quite excited about the openness and potential of JokerTV and want to be the first to integrate with it. What should be the result of this integration?

- CCExtractor would be able to communicate directly with JokerTV - getting the streams directly from it, as we do with the HDHomeRun.
- You don't need to decode DTMB (that's a different GSoC project, possibly a summer worth of work) but your integration needs to be as region agnostic as possible. If JokerTV works everywhere, then so must JokerTV+CCExtractor.
- It's likely that JokerTV included support tools are not up to par with HDHomeRun's yet. If this is the case (your proposal should show that you've done your homework and can tell us) reserve some time to work on this.
- Another two major programs that could use JokerTV integration are FFmpeg and Kodi (for their live TV and DVR functionality). We love cross project ideas, including of course sending patches to their maintainers. If you think you would have time for this, give it some consideration.

About getting a JokerTV - we will buy one for the student that takes on this task. We will also have a few more distributed in different regions around the world so remote testing is possible.

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Abylay Ospan, the genius behind JokerTV himself.

Qualification tasks
Take a look at this page.

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