Project Nephos: Cloud based storage for a massive collection of TV recordings

There's a lot of documentation on our close friend organization Red Hen (just Google them, or check out their ideas page), but for our purposes these are the basic ideas:

- Red Hen is an informal (as in they're tied by collaboration, not contracts) group of entities, most of them large universities, from many places around the world that share resources. These resources are hardware, software, media, knowledge, source code, people, and access to people.
- Everything is open, there's no NDAs in place, or proprietary software or anything like that. The one thing is that limited (to researchers and other people that can benefit from it) is access to the media repository due to concerns on copyright.
- One of the things some universities do (and most want to do) is record as many local (to them) TV channels as they can and archive them. They are used for a long list of research and analysis topics, from language trends to body language analysis, to catch politics on lies and almost anything you can think of.
- They use CCExtractor to generate transcripts of the media files. This is the original link between Red Hen and us, but since we met we have been collaborating on other overlapping interests.

As mentioned, some universities record a large number of TV channels available locally to them, so UCLA records what they can get in Los Angeles, UNav what they can get in Navarra, Spain, and so on. Currently storage is either handled in-house, or it is uploaded to UCLA, where it is stored. As pointed out, this is all done on good will, not contract, but this is a bit besides the point.

We've reached a point in which storing these files locally is making less and less sense. Google offers unlimited storage for organizations that use Google Apps (their professional cloud suite, with GMail, Drive, and so on) which some universities such as UNav have.

The project during this summer is migrate to cloud storage, which will require creating a number of tools, modifying others, figuring out the best way to handle access permissions to the files in the cloud, general organization and so on.

Some of the must-have features are easy, for example when a recording is complete (and exists as a local file) it needs to be moved to Cloud.

Other things will need more work. Specifically:

- Indexing. This is not a “index by date” or other trivial thing, we index by content.
- Sharing, which needs to be as flexible as possible. In general everything needs to be automatic. For example config such as “share all Spanish TV content with these American universities”, etc.
- Duplication, which means that content shared with us from another instance of Nephos can be copied to our own instance of Cloud storage.
- Pre and post processes, for example to convert the original format to smaller versions, or to extract subtitles.

Current source code.

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