Extend rclone's webui

rclone webui currently supports basic plugins like a video player and a music player. This functionality could be extended to incorporate new plugins which could be added by a user on the go, and developers could develop these plugins for rclone.

The functionality will be something similar to Google Drive. Ex. If you want to edit a doc file, rclone webui will have a plugin for it, once you enable the plugin, you would be able to edit documents using rclone.

1. A plugin dashboard, where you can install, remove and update plugins.
2. A plugins repository from where the plugins could be fetched into the local rclone instance.
2. The plugins should work in an isolated environment so that they cannot interfere with the system data.
3. Develop at least 3 demo plugins for demonstration. This could be a word processor, a photo editor, etc.
4. We could allow the developer to communicate with their own server and fetch data from there.

Current Stack:
rclone backend: GoLang
rclone webui: Reactjs

rclone GitHub:
react frontend:
rclone forum:
webui discussion thread:

Qualification tasks
Take a look at this page.

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