GSOC 2015 Evaluation

You can find it working at Ask me personally for DNS name to connect the tuners.

It's working with 5 web server instances and 5 repository server app instances. It's been working for 4 days straight and 2 tuners reconnected 1 time. It's 24.08 now :)

I've added 2 deployment guides for Amazon AWS and a guide on how to connect a client application. You call walk them thought to evaluate my project.

My plans regarding repository project:

  1. Amazon AWS:
    1. Figure out proper scaling policies. Right now scaling groups are static.
    2. Although the tuners have reconnected only one time in the last 4 days, they shouldn't do it. Debugging this problems requires a lot of time
    3. As load balancer creates two socket connections: client-LB and LB-instance, getnameinfo() always returns private IP which is useless.
  2. Web pages:
    1. Index page redesign. Most tuners doesn't have EPG, so there are a lot of empty space in the table. Probably, it'll be better to display the last CC last instead and update it dynamically.
    2. PHP scripts refactoring: right now MVC pattern implementation is too general and routing stuff is messy.
    3. JavaScript at the “view” page is also can be improved. Sometimes two columns overlapping each other when you remove horizontal split, it should be fixed.
    4. Search should be case-insensitive. Also, it's better to add sorting and to display matches when searching by CC content.
    5. Write proper docs when I finish web pages.
  3. Server application:
    1. Test client is a complete mess, I didn't change it from the last summer. Also I should add it to docs
    2. Display function trace in error log. Although I'm not sure if it's possible :)
    3. Log files rearranging. It will be convenient to displace instance IP in logs and to have separate log file for connected/disconnected clients.
    4. Config files are not exactly in INI format although they have “.ini” extension. So I should change the way I parse them so that it fits INI specification

I've been working on closed closed captions online repository. It consists of two main parts. The first one is a server application that is used for connecting CCExtractor instances which in their turn extracts closed captions from a video stream. The second part is a web site, that allows you to view captions in real-time i.e. as soon as they appear on TV screen. My task for this and a previous GSoC included everything from defining socket connection protocol to implementing web pages and deploying repository on a cluster.

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