Start End What Who
April 27th May 25th Community bonding period
*Complete personal information in this wiki
*Prepare accounts for everyone in all systems
*Synchronize plans
May 25th GSoC official date to start coding, initial payments. Everyone
May 25th CCExtractor bug hunting start. Fix as many issues as we can from GitHub's issue tracker before we start adding new features. Everyone must spend around one week on this as it will help a lot getting used to the code base. Veteran students are in charge of the most difficult bugs. CCExtractor Devs.
June 6th New CCExtractor release shipped. No new features, just bug fixes. Carlos
June 26th July 3rd GSoC: Mid-terms evaluations Everyone
August 17th GSoC: Soft pencil downs Everyone
August 21th August 28th GSoC: Firm pencil downs, final evaluations Everyone
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