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 ===== Translating captions ===== ===== Translating captions =====
- +You can use the [[https://​github.com/​kisselef/​cctranslate|cctranslate]] tool (implemented by Olegto translate ​extracted captions in realtime and in SubRip formatted files. ​We use the [[https://​cloud.google.com/​translate| Google Translate API]] for translation, but the tool is built so developers ​can easily ​add other translation ​engines.
-Now it is possible to translate extracted captions realtime using [[https://​github.com/​kisselef/​cctranslate|cctranslate]] toolimplemented by Oleg. This tool could be also used to translate ​standalone ​SubRip formatted files. ​Translation is done using [[https://​cloud.google.com/​translate| Google Translate API]], but the architecture of the solution lets developers ​to add support of other translate APIs/engines ​easily.+
 ==== How realtime translation works? ==== ==== How realtime translation works? ====
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